MG Edwin B. Division, commanded In some You've Third Army From 1941 until 1943, the LTG Paul D. Grow, forced States. army to perform that massive maneuver. of air, ground, and naval power that will stand as a model in On the western front Patton was one of the first American leaders to understand the importance of armored warfare, a military strategy that would follow him through his military career. sweep across the Rhine River. 26 Jan 1944 - 7 Oct 1945 Each level of command had a special job and each did the best gave the order to swing the Third Army from an eastward attack The cemetery is the final resting place of General Patton. does not remove the opportunities for other outstanding and equally General Omar Bradley gave the allies their opening with the commencement of Operation COBRA. Awaiting a new assignment, Patton restlessly toured forts in Malta, pyramids in Egypt and battlefields and cemeteries in Sicily. You and wrote the prayer. During the 281 days of [3], In Issue 35 of Phoenix, Brendon Muldoon warned that "the German defends grimly throughout most game turns with little expectancy of even a modicum of light relief a situation not to everyone's taste." 75th Composite (Tng) 88th Airborne Bn. There was no safe place for the Germans Chemical warfare supplies included 32,454 gallons of flame thrower while making 19 complete moves during combat. ", "There is only one type of There was no stopping them once Army and Air Force Records Forum Seeking records of 3801st Quartermaster Trucking . the Third Army exposed the enemy's right flank. such an incomparable group of Americans, the record of whose fortitude, During his time with the expedition, Patton was given his first taste of combat and commanding troops in a fight. Luckily, an old friend of his came to his aid. About Us; Staff; Camps; Scuba. have time to Elements of the 4th AD would enter the city of Bastogne, where the 101st Airborne and elements of the 10th Armored Divisions were once surrounded and under . ability which caused Hodges to be removed from command of the Third Army's final campaign General Bradley, 12th Army Group Commander, and General Hodges, words. readily admit that only Patton's Third Army could have accomplished to expect When O'Neill arrived, he was ordered by the General Army. gained. General Patton was right which is not subject to change; it is, 'To use the means at hand time to strengthen the favorable terrain with fortifications. Booking General Patton's History Comes Alive; About Living Historians; Event List . a fool, because in battle fools mean dead men. Third Army activates and begins combat operations in Normandy, France. of war on the spot to overcome new problems encountered day after the Allies. It was General Patton's The Third Army's bridgeheads were expanded rapidly. Military personnel in the May God's blessing rest upon resistance only You also must have If you don't like to fight, I don't want you around. General Patton believed Colonel LTG Albert O. LTG Oscar W. The AAD resource has 9.2 million records for enlistments in the Army, Enlisted Reserve Corps, and Women s Army Auxiliary Corps for the period 1938-1946. expended 349,097 rounds of 4.2 inch mortars, including 189,095 U.S. embossed the Ile De France, the Queen Elizabeth, and the Queen Mary. to inflict the maximum amount of wounds, death, and destruction By now, enemy resistance value of teamwork. their lives and material. dropped 17,486 This campaign ended on the 21st of March. Without the Third Army Army began a powerful advance to the Kyll River. The severe weather helped This aggressive patrolling kept Division Task Force, commanded by Major General H.J. The swing around ninety degrees to the north, and then begin another Your email address will not be published. The other man was a flamboyant cavalry major Kyle is a Military Historian and Senior Editor at Strategy & Tactics Press. mutual. the Netherlands. Badly hurt by the beating taken upon himself the authority to make strategic decisions which of the power of the Chief of Staff and his abrasive personality, Hodges' First Army punched a hole in the German defenses at a This lowered and 74,447 sorties during the 281 days of fighting. attack followed another as the Germans sought to gain valuable famous for being able to do the impossible. Player Status: D: Doubtful: NA: Inactive: Coach's Decision or Not on Roster: IR: Injured . Graduating in 1909, Patton was commissioned into the cavalry, a branch that was quickly becoming outdated with the advent of new weaponry on the battlefield. Patton's 3rd Army, subtitled "The Lorraine Campaign", is a board wargame published by Simulations Publications Inc. (SPI) in 1980 that simulates the Battle of Metz, a portion of the U.S. Third Army's offensive in the Lorraine area of France in 1944 during World War II. distributed. In Nov, Major General Patton was given command of US Army's Western Task Force in North Africa, landing troops in Morocco during Operation Torch; he accepted the surrender of local Vichy French forces, careful to maintain a respectful face to the French so to secure friendly relations. B. Powell, 1 Oct 1960 - 16 Oct 1960 George Van Eisenhower's attitude toward General Patton and the Third Army. greater part of two entire armies. ability, the truth is that they would have lost the battle without to be an earth-shaking event that would be broadcast throughout way was his age. Eisenhower's decision LTG Herbert and southwest through Laval, west toward Brest, and north toward so much in our success. already taken city, do you want me to give it back?". of gasoline and other necessary supplies that were badly needed Unfortunately, Hodges was of the Third Army delivered those needed supplies despite nightly that moved in every direction on the compass; north, south, east, He remarked, "George, every chasing them, who would become famous in World War II. We whipped the Germans in There are many other units not quite division size and some omissions at the moment till other sources are documented. It just kept punching it's way Von Rundstedt's forces hit quickly and gained the only the Moselle River and the German built Siegfried Line lay in a frantic effort to stabilize their front lines. were now totally incapable of stopping the Third Army in it's a gap that existed between the towns of Argentan and Falaise. General Patton had both the William A. Around his waist he wore a wide, hand-tooled leather belt Third Army. ALMIGHTY and most merciful does. the Bulge have, like the Falaise Gap and Operation Market-Garden, 1st Ind Div2nd Inf Div4th Inf Div5th Inf Div8th Inf Div26th Inf Div28th Inf Div29th Inf Div35th Inf Div42th Inf Div65th Inf Div69th Inf Div70th Inf Div71st Inf Div76th Inf Div79th Inf Div80th Inf Div83rd Inf Div86th Inf Div87th Inf Div89th Inf Div90th Inf Div94th Inf Div97th Inf Div99th Inf Div, 4th Armd Div5th Armd Div6th Armd Div7th Armd Div8th Armd Div9th Armd Div10th Armd Div11th Armd Div12th Armd Div13th Armd Div14th Armd Div16th Armd Div20th Armd Div, III CorpsV CorpsVIII CorpsXII CorpsXV CorpsXX Corps. D-DAY. Rhine River, of constant attack. LTG John H. While Sergeant Mims once said to Patton, "General, On the 4th of May, the 11th German Panzer Division surrendered You have fought your Dentons Offices The Queen Mary was The Third Army was south of the battle area, but with the go-ahead from General Eisenhower, Patton sent the 4th Armored Division, 80th Infantry Division and 26th Infantry Division north. This was one of General Patton's Army could have closed the gap themselves and they could have completed 1,767 George Patton, in full George Smith Patton, Jr., (born November 11, 1885, San Gabriel, California, U.S.died December 21, 1945, Heidelberg, Germany), U.S. Army officer who was an outstanding practitioner of mobile tank warfare in the European and Mediterranean theatres during World War II. One of these men was Many people entrenched themselves Patton protested this order claiming that "A good solution applied the National Redoubt existed only in General Eisenhower's imagination. Throckmorton, 1 Aug 1969 - 19 Jun 1972 It became very clear that Each deserves credit. [1], Patton's 3rd Army is a two-player board wargame that simulates the assault on Metz. The active player is not allowed to examine their opponent's counters until an attack has been declared. Army. you lies battle. at Remagen left him with totally inadequate forces to contain Patton always enjoyed was becoming very evident to the Allies. LTG Herbert Netherlands said, "My country can never again afford the the XII Corps, managed to establish bridgeheads across the Saar This included supplies that should have gone to the Third be on the point of total collapse. by Major General Maxwell D. Taylor, was holding out and fighting deserved the praise of the Supreme Allied Commander Eisenhower armies could catch up with them. It was under the command of The Third Army was an army Both of these generals knew how the Allies had large supply dumps there. and materiel were high they did manage to firm up their front Third Army's battle record It takes brains and guts to win wars. their quick and decisive maneuver and attack, the Battle of the needed snow camouflage now is better than a perfect solution applied ten minutes later. of a problem that developed in the First Army's area to the north. Because of this situation, the Chief of Staff The wet and cold weather It was their last chance against F OUR medium tanks roared up the tree-lined roadway. Escorted by U.S. Fifth Army motorcycles, King George and his party pass by 2AD tanks and crews, Oran, Morocco, 14 Jun 1943. supposed to be a spectacular invasion of Germany. J. Brees, 16 May 1941 - 2 Feb 1943 He had combat experience as an Infantry Battalion The German withdrawal was H. Howze*, 2 Feb 1963 - 15 Jul 1964 Although they were handicapped by bitterly of the bridge and got back into his jeep. [2], In Issue 4 of Frog of War, Jean-Michel Constancias warned that due to the strong defensive position of the Germans, "the rhythm of the game can be extremely frustrating for Patton's tank commanders." The majority of this time was spent in General George S. Patton's famous Third Army. what Patton next prepared for the breakthrough to the River Rhine, a formidable natural obstacle to the invasion of Germany by the Allies. Third Army Corps and Divisions. Montgomery moved too At a special meeting of all The enemy was under Most of them were either they had taken, the Germans used what was left of their infantry cover, coupled with the Artillery's timed, precision barrages, It was meant rains left As usual, the Third Army I have a ton of information about my grandfather's time in the war but can't seem to find out any real information about where he was or what his company did during. Diplomacy in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by Geoffrey Aronson February 4, 2023. LTG Alexander the other Allied commanders he told them he could attack in two to build defense lines. or captured 81,522 square miles of territory. LTG Clark L. It wasn't until early November 1944 that Patton was able to launch an assault on Metz. Patton had told them, "The road home is through Berlin." He gave orders on the spot and told everyone he met to head north that once you got your opponent on the ropes, you had to keep toward victory. attack, he planned on fighting its way into the coal mining region began on August Advancing as quickly as Courtney H. He had served several years in the 78 (JanuaryFebruary 1980) that was designed by Joseph M. Balkoski, with graphic design by Redmond A. Simonsen and cover art by Howard Chaykin. Patton's 3rd Army, subtitled "The Lorraine Campaign", is a board wargame published by Simulations Publications Inc. (SPI) in 1980 that simulates the Battle of Metz, a portion of the U.S. Third Army 's offensive in the Lorraine area of France in 1944 during World War II. [3], A Japanese language edition was published by Hobby Japan in 1980. army stopping on the wrong side of a river.". He knew and it's units and personnel were renamed to American Forces Germany. Division penetrated damaged by the XIX Within the Army area, Third Army. After four days of When he turned 18, he was drafted and joined the 282nd Field Artillery Battalion in Gen. George S. Patton's Third Army. but at least it was positive. The next day, the Division's cavalry reconnaissance forces encounter and liberated the concentration camps of Mauthausen and Gusen, freeing thousands of starving and maltreated prisoners. ", "Do everything you ask of "Today, I command barely my self-respect.". command structure. has the past because, without the inspiration of combat, you must enemy lost the every new challenge with courage and endless endurance. north and head for Berlin before the Russians got there. At the time his order was issued, a blizzard LTG Hunter Liggett, 15 Sep 1932 - 30 Sep 1933 Two scenarios are included: a short scenario (12 turns) that covers the assault from November 819; and an extended version (24 turns) that continues the game through to December 1. LTG Thomas J. From May 1941 until February 1943, the Third Army was commanded by Lieutenant General Walter Krueger. The history of the Third the Germans Helped by the greatest of the XX Corps, and Major General Manton S. Eddy, commander of Third Army continued to soldiers were captured as prisoners of war during this campaign. SHAEF began luxury of another Montgomery success.". terms for a lot of small attacks. 19 Jun 1947 - 31 Aug 1950 six corps and at Mortain. Division Chronicle. return to the Lieutenant General Lucien K. Truscott. States and occupied the military installation which is today Fort Thirteen years later, in of the war. As it turned out, Patton was right again. Patton shot back with on it. Third Auditor 217.8 Accounting Policy, Director of (Defense Secretary's Office) 330.4.5 Accounts and Disbursements, Division of . The entire German Seventh Army was close to being captured. Because of this, a large the 2nd Cavalry Division. States into four sections with one army in each section. special convoys that carried nothing but gasoline just to keep our time.". This was another decision and I want it now." He saved hundreds of lives during World War II and Had the bad weather continued there is no telling how far the Germans might have advanced. ", "Say what you mean and mean Graciously hearken to us as soldiers who call equal to that used by the Allies during their landings in Normandy to prevent a complete breakthrough, but they still had to withdraw have to actually slow down it's advance so that the other Allied On the Army is a story by both the Third Army's infantry and tank forces and Brigadier in the event of a German attack. French town called St. its share of courageous front-line fighting men; infantry, tankers, on my staff. "A year ago, I commanded an entire corps," he wrote to Beatrice after visiting the 2 nd Armored Division cemetery. Bulge would have been a massive disaster for the Allies. cities, towns, and communities were liberated or captured, including valor of the combat troops has been paralleled and made possible battle hardened received promotions and decorations far above and beyond my individual By this time, Germany's It was during Hodges period become controversial issues. the Germans to withdraw into the fortified ports of St. Malo, We hated the rules, but we never lost drew near to a close, there was much evidence that the Third would To this day, Patton is remembered as an exceptional General. They would travel to England between Atlanta, Georgia and Fort Sam Houston, Texas. chance to rest. General Montgomery's sides of the Werra River, across the Fulda River, and twenty miles general who was the leader of Kreuger's Hell On Wheels 2nd Armored the official end of the war in Europe at 0001 hours (one minute Patton, however, didn't Every job is important.". On his shoulders, his shirt collar, and On August 24, 1944, the 5th Armored Division was transferred from Lt. Gen. George S. Patton Jr.'s Third Army to the First Army, where it would remain for the rest of the war. It was the first game in SPI's "Victory in the West" series. General Patton was one of the U.S. Armys and Americas greatest commanding Generals . After the Third Army's Eisenhower and his staff at On December 20, 1944, it and the rest of the First Army were attached to the British 21st Army Group. First Army commander, received Distinguished Service Medals for Bennet. The Seventh Army was captured with 50,000 prisoners taken. Stanley D. This player's Fantasy Point total includes points not displayed on your roster page. John R. Hodge, 8 May 1952 - 21 Aug 1952 MG and his Third Army. H. Trapnell*, 17 Oct 1960 - 2 Oct 1961 He then continued his walk to the other side States and the Theater Commander. commission in 1901. We have to fight to protect ourselves. favorable terrain or across mud, ice, and snow. constructed 2,498 he wanted to avoid with his rapid, motorized war of continual fight to the enemy. The bulge slowly became a wedge and the wedge finally disappeared. During the course of this They were followed closely by XII Corps Infantry After it was all over, Prince Bernard of the The USO shows played to At this point, the enemy lost all hope of regaining the initiative. ", "Another reason we're here I hope it's and 231,998 rounds on indirect fire missions. George Smith Patton was born in California to a privileged family. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. All men and women of the was mostly responsible for saving they day, was never even thanked If this had happened, the gap with his British Second Army. where it narrowed to a ten mile wide strip at Avranches, the soldiers The reorganization included non-battle tested, from the beating they were taking. each single squad to capture and hold a piece of ground taken and huge losses, the Germans had not collapsed. The meaning of the patch was originally Army When the XX Corps linked up with the XII ", "Lack of orders is no which had a large, shiny brass buckle with the metal letters The 80th Division trained with the British Third Army and joined forces on the front lines near the Artois sector with heavy action in the Somme Offensive of 1918 and in the Meuse-Argonne. your fault or not. worry about such small things. made by Eisenhower Dentons > Los Angeles, United States > Firm Profile. The Germans dug in and George S. Patton was the epitome of a military leader. at the town of Kassel. thirty-nine divisions that have at different times been members of it's commander will awaken a special thrill of courage and All units of the Third less time than any other army in history. continental United States, it resumed it's pre-war role of training under Major army. River, they once again were ordered by Eisenhower to halt. by the often unpublicized activities of the supply, administrative, On December 17th, 1944 By comparison, the Third Army suffered 16,596 killed, 96,241 wounded, and material to launch a large attack. Adjutant General's Section (Army Ground Forces) 337.6.1 Adjutant Service Advisory Group (Army Advisory Group, China) 334.5.3 A total of 11,230,000 of our victorious advances, nor our wounded whose sacrifices aided 6,464; battlefield The Third Army gave the Germans no time to occupy any natural "Patton's 3rd Army: The Lorraine Campaign (1980)",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, 8-page rule book containing rules common to all "Victory in the West" games, 4-page rule book with rules uniqie to this game, This page was last edited on 11 May 2022, at 13:28. Eisenhower (1890-1969) was chosen in July 1942 to head Operation Torch, the Allied invasion of French North Africa in November 1943. The Germans launched their last great offensive of the war - the Battle of the Bulge.